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So remember me saying that I was going to be jumping back into my 30 Day Challenge on Monday……yeah…..well that didn’t happen. This stupid cold will not budge which is ridiculous! I’m fed of whining about it though (and I’m sure you are fed of hearing about it) so I’ll shut up on that front for now.

Anyways…..I always love reading wish list posts so I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been drooling over this week….

Oasis Red Cable Polo Dress £50 / Aspire Closet Tartan Dress £49

…..I adore jumper dresses and this Oasis one is gorgeous (and it comes in navy too) and this tartan lovely from Aspire is fab, they both have the silhouette I love and I think would be easy to layer up as it gets colder so they’d take me through till Spring…..le sigh…..shopping ban.

I’ve also been on the hunt for fabric so I can make myself some new clothes and I think these are this weeks favourites….

Tartan / Clover / Mermaids / Strawberry

…I love the colours in this tartan cotton I’m not sure what I would make out of it as yet but like I mentioned tartan is something I’ve been drooling over so it had to be added to the wish list. The gold four leaf clover design is so pretty and green is my favourite colour I’m thinking a mini circle skirt or perhaps a whole dress? Now you all know of my love for Alexander Henry pin up girl prints (Barbarella anyone?) and this mermaid one is gorgeous, I would probably use the same style as the Barbarella dress as the simple lines allow for perfect placement of the pin ups (try saying that three times fast!). Lastly this strawberry and ladybird print cotton is so cute, the pattern runs along the grainline so I’m thinking the By Hand London Anna bodice with a gathered skirt featuring the blue stripe. That would be a very summery dress but with the right tights and cardigan I would totally wear it in the winter!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently about how people are packing away their summer clothes and bringing out the winter items. I have never even thought to do this before, I totally agree in principle (there really are some things that should only be worn in certain seasons……winter coats + summer sun = hot sweaty mess) but I think…..in fact I know that the minute I packed something away I would get a hankering to suddenly wear it. I am very lucky that I have lots of storage available which means I don’t have to rotate my wardrobe like this……which is a good job really….I can just see myself digging through bags and bags of stuff just to find one specific top! What do you do with your wardrobe at this time of year?

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