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It all went a bit quiet over here again didn’t it. I could give you a list of excuses reasons why but they aren’t that interesting (ill again, anyone want to swap bodies with me?) and frankly you’ve heard it all before!

So, moving swiftly on…..I won new shoes! How exciting is that? Given that I haven’t bought any shoes (or anything else for that matter) for over ten (TEN!) months it’s very exciting indeed. If you have never heard of Upper Street Shoes may I suggest you head over there now and have yourself a quick look…….are you back yet…..hmmmmmm possibly should have given you the link a little later on……oh there you are! Yes aren’t they fab? Well tomorrow morning I’m booked in for an appointment at their showroom where I get to try on the basic shoe styles then drool over the MANY different swatches trying to narrow them down into one gorgeous design that will then be made especially for Moi! How did I win the beautiful shoes I hear you cry? Simples! All I did was post a picture of my most fabulous shoes on Instagram with the hashtag #shoesdaytuesday ! I suggest you do the same.

In other news I had the Small Girl Type Creature and her Boyf “Tiger” come down to London for a visit recently. Day one was spent at my pad sorting through the huge wardrobe (she walked away with three mahoosive bags of goodies) and then we headed down to Bodeans for some scrummy pulled pork which was amazing as always. Day Two consisted of a trip to Ed’s (which is one of my favourite places ever), a Japanese anime store, M&M world (odd and too hot), Hagan Daaz (amazeballs) and finally snacks and drinks on The Tattershall Castle which is one of the boats along the Thames. These boat pubs are fab; you feel ever so slightly tipsy before you’ve even had a drink due to the currents and tides and that makes for an interesting evening indeed, plus of course the views. I decided to wear this little lot for the days adventures….

Cardigan: Oasis
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Faith 
Ring: Grandmama 
……I clearly love these boots and this cardigan, they’ve been featuring quite a bit recently haven’t they? I also love this dress although wearing it on a blustery day wasn’t the smartest of moves……”Hello! Here is my underwear!”…..matter of fact the red Tom Ford lipstick probably wasn’t the greatest idea either but you know what….sod the weather!
Finally you may have noticed me clutching my mobile in all of my recent blog photos and that’s because there is a nifty little app that turns said mobile into a remote for my camera, very handy. Well I decided to switch things up a little bit and try out the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of doing my usual “ooooo Apple have a shiny new product out…..I want the shiny new product…..no wait thats wrong…..I NEED the shiny new product” and you know what, I’m loving it. I was always a little concerned about the size (I have an iPad I don’t need a phone that big) and, you know, it wasn’t an iPhone but it’s fab. Very light weight, intuitive to use and easy to customise to your personal taste. My only criticism is the lack of memory on the phone itself but I bought a 64GB micro SD card and now I can carry around all my photos, music and audiobooks, sorted! I’m sure I’m not using the S4 to it’s full potential but then I don’t think I ever did with my iPhone either. All in all it does what I want it to do and it looks pretty whilst doing it, I like.
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