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So when the Bestie and I sorted through my wardrobe (again) a few weeks ago it became glaringly obvious that whilst I have some amazing things I do also have some huge gaps, for example I don’t own a standard pair of black trousers (I do have an amazing pair of high waisted flared black trousers which I made and love but they are definitely not something to be whipped out for everyday wear) I also don’t own a LBD, a black pencil skirt, black court shoes, black flat shoes or black flat boots! Yes, it’s true, my wardrobe mainly consists of colours and patterns. It’s not that I don’t like black clothing…..my favourite cardigan (which I stole borrowed from Mama) is black, as is my favourite coat but I’m such a magpie that when I’m out shopping black just gets overlooked and I take home all the shiny things! With this in mind I have decided to make myself some amazing basics that will go with everything and first thing on the list is a little black day dress….watch this space.

Todays wish list items have all come from Etsy, one of my favourite websites…..I can spend hours on there (same with Pinterest) drooling over all the lovely handmade goodies. Here are some that have been very high on my wish list for a long while now…

 Trouers / Bag / Hat / Cape
…..the trousers are gorgeous and as they are handmade to your exact measurements you know you are going to get a perfect fit. The bag……le sigh…….the bag……I need, I WANT! It’s so beautiful and will fit everything I carry around in it. At the moment I have a separate laptop bag for my 17″ beast (which has just come back all shiny and fixed from the Geniuses at Apple, I felt lost without it) with this lovely I wouldn’t need two bags and it’s bloody gorgeous too, brilliant! I adore this crochet hat (I have it in black) and I think this colour would look great with my current red hair. Last but definitely not least is this wonderful cape which I have been eyeing up for over two years now. Winter clothing requires layering and I have some amazing jumpers that I just don’t wear because I can’t get any of my current coats over them! Also I have a rather large collection of elbow length gloves which again don’t really fit under my current coats. This cape is amazing and even though it’s not my usual silhouette it solves all the layering/glove issues and I’m totally in lust with it. Just a subtle hint to anyone wondering what to get me for Christmas this year……Etsy vouchers please! 
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