Hey Peeps

I’ve had a lovely week which has included long overdue catch ups with friends, yummy sushi, more Ed’s milkshakes, a trip to the cinema and the awesomeness that was Dr Who! I’m a very happy bunny indeed.

Spoilt rotten (yes that is a Big Bang Theory Tee) / more liquorice than I can possibly eat / Christmas biscuits!
New light fitting / Bear Onesie / Westfield decorations
Blissed out Chi / Leather samples for new shoes / Nesting Chi

On Saturday the fabulous S and I wandered around Westfield White City indulging in a little bit of shopping (S not me, I haven’t bought anything since the 11th March!) and a lot of gossiping before we went to see Gravity, which was totally awesome….go watch it! I then headed home to get myself comfy on the sofa ready for the Dr Who 50th anniversary special which was all kinds of brilliant. I never really considered myself a Whovian before but given how excited I was for the special I think I have to add it to the list of fandoms I belong to…..


…..(there are more but that list could really get very long) and proud! On that note I think I’ll bid you all goodnight before I start fangirling about the 10th and 11th Dr’s together on the same screen….swoon!

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