Hey Peeps!

Another quick post today. Papa and I have had a very busy making and assembling many (MANY) Christmas cards which was a lot of fun once we got into the rhythm. We also put together the final piece of furniture for my room which means bar one pair of curtains and hanging pictures, my room is finally finished….it only tools six months, that’s normal right? Room tour soon (my favourite kind of YouTube clip!).

Mum had to get up stupidly early (6.15am is not natural) for a meeting in Birmingham this morning and then only had an hour with us this evening before heading out for a business dinner at the Ritz! It’s off to work for her again tomorrow and another lunch on Friday but those three days of work have meant the parental units got to come home for three(isn) weeks this December so yay!

Todays outfit was this….

Dress: Love
Jumper: River Island
Belt: Topshop
Boots: Faith
…..for about five minutes before I cracked and put on as many layers as I could whilst still being able to walk! It’s so cold in my house……brrrrrr. I shall definitely be investing in some type of heater otherwise I’ll turn into an icicle!!
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