Hey Peeps!

My name is Siân and I am no longer a shopaholic!

So on the 9th March 2013 I decided to go cold turkey and quit shopping for one whole year and I am so pleased to report that I did it! It’s actually been 388 days since I purchased anything new clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories wise! At first it was really hard, I kept window shopping and started my “This Is What I Would Have Bought” posts but as time went on that all stopped. I was still looking at online stores and fashion magazines but as gorgeous as all the new things were I wasn’t tempted…..it was a very odd feeling! I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something if I set my mind to it and you know……save some money.

I gave myself a very small exception to the rule list;

  1. Black Flat Boots 
  2. Black High Heeled Court Shoes
  3. Black Ballet Pumps
  4. High Waisted Blue Jeans/Jeggings

….I ended up only getting myself the ballet pumps and I think thats because I started being much more discerning about the items I was considering. I knew exactly what I wanted and if something wasn’t quite right, rather than bring it home (I still say that shoes call to you in shops and long to be adopted and taken home with you) and make do with it whilst continuing to look for the perfect version I walked away. Very unlike me.

Now this may all sound a little weird from someone that owns an online boutique and actively encourages you to shop but it’s not at all! Shopping and new things are wonderful whether you treat it as your cardio a là Carrie Bradshaw or a social event for catching up with your friends … go … shop … enjoy! I used to think that I had gotten my magpie/hoarder tendencies under control but my bulging wardrobe begged to differ and this clearly wasn’t the case. If this past year has taught me anything it’s shop smart….only buy things that are 100% right for you and quality over quantity every time.

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