Hey Peeps!

It was my birthday on the 1st May (thirty five! How the hell did that happen??) and it was Small Girl Type Creatures birthday on the 2nd May (eighteen! How the hell did THAT happen??). A while ago SGTC made me promise that her first official night out as an adult would be somewhere in London which I was very happy to agree to. On the 3rd May we all headed to Roadhouse for some dinner and dancing, although it didn’t quite work out as planned I think a fun evening was still had by all (I know my head was a little sore the following day!).

The lovely Miss S invited me to come and stay for the long weekend with her and her two monsters Whistler and Blade…

….aren’t they gorgeous! When I arrived I was greeted with birthday banners and the most awesome birthday cake ever (I ate the Hulk, he was yummy)……

….after blowing out the candles while the Parental Unit sang Happy Birthday (via FaceTime, they are still in Saudi) Miss S and I then headed off to watch Captain America The Winter Solider (amazing) and afterwards TGI Fridays for cocktails and some food, I had a lovely day. I was also thoroughly spoilt. I got so many lovely presents…

…..and there are few more to come! The Parentals have got me even more fabric from Saudi which I’ll be getting in July when they come home for a visit (I already know exactly what I’m going to make with it too). Just so I had something on my actual birthday though Mum sent me some more fabrics from the US, the shop is called Thousands of Bolts (and Only One Nut)…..

…..it’s a quilters heaven! The first fabric was from my Truro Fabric wish list which Big Bird very kindly had sent to me and the others are all lovely cottons which I am currently dreaming up plans for. I was also given these cool paper doll sticker books by Miss L…

……(which I had hours of fun with in my semi hungover state) and this cute little bracelet, SGTC and her Tiger got me the gorgeous cat ring (I was very grateful for the jewellery as mine is still all packed away) and Tatty got me a Sewbox voucher so I could get my hands on the Sewaholic patterns I’d been lusting over. All in all a very very good haul!

I spent a lovely six days up in London catching up with friends, being spoilt and wandering around Chalk Farm (for “reasons”) which I really really liked (we found Fruli on tap, of course I liked it). It was lovely to come home to the island and Miss Chi though…..

….who clearly missed me because she spent the entire evening sitting on my lap! I think in an ideal world I would have a place on the island and a place in London too….is that greedy?

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  • Happy Belated Birthday it sounds like you had a fantastic time and such cute kitty company! oh If I could I would totally have a place on the IOW and one in London!! My parents have lived on the Island for about 10 years now and if I could (read brave enough) I would move there tomorrow, though I love living in London, I have a real hankering for Island life!

  • They live in Wroxall I don't know if you know it, It is quite a built up area but it is in quite a pretty valley, there is a lane at the bottom of the road which takes you right back in to the countryside, its lovely, so easy to loose yourself amongst the fields and sheep! Oh and its not too far from the sea either which is great!!

  • I do know Wroxall that's not far from me (Although anywhere on the island isn't really far from anywhere else!) I'm in St Lawrence. I do really love it down here as you say it's so very pretty 🙂