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So back in January I asked my bestie what she would like for her birthday this year, she replied that she would love some blue and white striped flannel PJ bottoms because you just can’t find them to buy anywhere. Turns out you can’t find blue and white striped flannel fabric anywhere either (if you know of anywhere please point me in the right direction)! When Mum offered to get me some fabric for my birthday from a US store (Thousands of Bolts…Only One Nut) I started trawling through their MANY fabrics and came across this blue and white striped flannel for $4.95 a yard….huzzah!

This fabric is gorgeous and so soft, I want some for myself.

Once it had arrived I then had to decide what to do with it. I knew I wanted to make the Sewaholic Tofino PJ bottoms which meant picking fabric for a tie belt and piping. I got a bit stuck with this until Mum suggested having a look through the combined stash from herself, my Nana and me…..genius. I found some gorgeous yellow satin ribbon and the Sunny Side Up PJ’s were (metaphorically) born. This ribbon was bought (Mum and I think) by Nana for her to make repairs to my blanky which I’d had since birth. Whilst Mum was telling me this I realised that the Parentals had no idea if I was going to be a girl or a boy hence the yellow blanket (they knew Little Bother was going to be a boy, he got a blue blanket).

As ever Chi was incredibly helpful throughout the process…..

……ensuring that every process was thoroughly checked and fluffed (I don’t let her anywhere near projects that are being made for customers but Tatty has a Kitty Overlord of her own so I know she won’t mind, I’m going to send her a copy of these pictures so she knows the PJ’s are Chi approved!).

Mum got me three yards of this fabric and I wanted to try and squeeze a top out of it as well so Tatty would have a set. I knew the Colette Sorbetto would be perfect but way too long for the fabric I had left so I cropped it…..

……I also couldn’t cut either pattern piece on the fold so I chopped off the front pleat and added a seam allowance to that piece and the new front pattern pieces. There is a seam along the back but because of the pleat you can’t see the seam along the front. I finished it off with the same binding I used for the piping on the legs. All in all I love this set and wish I could keep it but I shall be sending it off to the bestie for her birthday….which was on the 2nd February……yeah I’m good with dates! I hope she likes them…

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