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I made this dress for the Sew Dolly Clackett competition which was organised by the lovely Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones to celebrate Roisin and Nic’s wedding which is happening tomorrow (can not wait to see the dress!). This post may be late (very very late) but I did manage to get the dress finished and up on the flickr group on the day of the deadline (23rd April). There were many many awesome dresses created by some rather fabulous people (Hello lots of new blogs for me to read) and I think Roisin and her judging team picked some gorgeous winners.

This was my second dress and in all honesty if I had pulled my finger out I could have entered many more dresses indeed. I love Roisin taste in fabric and there are many (most) of her creations that I would happily steal errrr I mean borrow (I wonder if we are the same size….). I’ve had this Alexander Henry fabric in my stash for a good nine years now just waiting for the perfect project….

…….it’s called “Soap” and it is awesome! It’s seems as though I bought ten metres (!) of this colour way (I also bought the black and white version too) which is excessive but I love it so much. I made Small Girl Type Creature a dress out of this fabric a few years ago but never made anything for myself until Sew Dolly Clackett came along. Here’s a close up of some of the panels…..

……there doesn’t seem to be a storyline but that doesn’t make it any less awesome in my opinion. Although the blonde is wrong….redheads have more fun! The dress is a By Hand London Anna / Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (my fourth….so far) and I love it. I was very careful with the pattern placement but I didn’t try to match anything I just made sure nothing too crucial was cut off or covered up…..

…..I was a bit concerned about the waistband until I decided to chop out the zebra print panels and turn them into a waistband which I really like. The skirt is a five panel full circle….

……so the print is the right way up…..for the most part. I used french seams throughout and I hemmed it with some fairly stiff (I bought the wrong stuff online but I’m glad I found a use for it) bias binding to give it the skirt a little more sticky-outiness (that is totes a real word, as is totes). I only lined the bodice this time due to lack of available lining material…..I really do need to get myself a stash of basics but all the pretty fabrics call to me and I get distracted. As you can see Chi approves so it’s a hit.

I’ve christened this the Don’t Quote Me dress and I wore it for my birthday dinner and got quite a few compliments as well as a few people stopping me so they could read me! One guy even thought it was an X-Men dress…..I NEED to find some X-Men fabric and make this a real thing.

For some strange reason I decided to dye my hair back to dark brown on my birthday (really shouldn’t keep hair dye in the cupboard it leads to impulsive decisions) and I’ve lived with it for eighteen days before deciding that it really is redheads that have more fun so it’s back to red as soon as possible!

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