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Since my self imposed shopping ban came to an end I haven’t felt the need to buy anything new clothes wise, at all, but I have been lusting after many many shoes! Mmmmmmm shoes. Clearly I don’t have enough of my own already…..

…..(*sigh* I miss my shoes) so I obviously need more (MOAR)! My poor shoes are still languishing in boxes and I’m beginning to forget what they look like. You know what they say “out of sight, out of mind” well it’s kind of true although the new objects of my affection don’t resemble anything I already own and one pair is even semi sensible….

Jive £65 / Cinderella £95
Rockerfella £100 / Journey £50 
…..and I clearly don’t really have a thing for sensible! How awesome are those gold Miss L Fire (took me a while to get that) fruity numbers?? I’m also loving every colour way of the Cinderella heels but I think the clear is my very favourite. As ever Office have a lovely selection and surprisingly (for me) I was really drawn to these gold lovelies (I rarely wear gold) and my sensible pick is the nude court shoes which will go with everything. A girl can dream. 
Whilst I haven’t been hankering after new RTW (ready to wear….that took me a while too) clothes I have been drooling over new fabric despite the size of my stash (I know what all those pieces are going to be though so I need new fabric for inspiration……honest). These are a few that caught my eye this week…..
Pansies / Toadstool Terrariums
Exploding Tardis / Zombie Apocalypse

……the Pansies will be gorgeous in a floaty summer maxi dress, while I’m thinking a Deer and Doe Belladone would look awesome in the Toadstool print (think if the fun you could have with bias binding), I’m planning on using one of my own patterns for the Exploding Tardis and the Zombie Apocalypse survival guide print is totally amazing (*Zombies can’t climb trees) I’m thinking another By Hand London Anna / Kittenish Behaviour hybrid. I really do need to sew some of my stash before I add any new fabrics though so these will remain on my Pinterest board to be sighed over…..for now.

In other news the Bestie got her PJ’s, they fit and she loves them, yay! I shall be starting on a pair for myself tomorrow using some yummy fabric I’ve had in my stash for a while now, ‘citin!

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