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Some more (MOAR!) fabric love this Friday and a few other fabulous things I’ve come across this week. Starting off with this lot….

Wana’oa / Anchor Gingham
Butterfly Clusters / Halloween Bewitched

…..the Wana’oa cotton fabric is totally gorgeous in both the black and cream colour ways (yes I want them both) they would both look awesome as Maxi Anna’s! Barkcloth Hawaii is one of my favourite fabric shops they are totally lovely, so helpful and the fabrics themselves are gorgeous. I’m completely in love with this Gingham Anchor print and I’m thinking a KB dress using some yellow polka dot bias binding I have. I saw this butterfly print on blog post recently with a really interesting dress but I stupidly didn’t bookmark it….gah! I have a thing for butterfly fabric so this definitely needs to work it’s way into my stash. Finally it’s another Alexander Henry Pin Up print this time Halloween beauties ….*le sigh*….how gorgeous?? I need this (honestly I NEED it!) to add to my Pin Up Girl clothing collection.

Moving away from the fabric fixation (I’m running out of storage space, must sew faster!) whilst browsing Instagram this week I came across this beautiful image…..

……. from the Isle of Wight account. Isn’t it gorgeous and it just so happens to be where I live now! I can’t wait for the sun to properly come out this Spring mainly so I can start wearing all the cotton dresses I’ve been sewing but also so I can start running (read that as wheezingly trot) again. Little Bother took me on a run right along the coastal path in this picture and I sort of started enjoying it….sort of. All the villagers think I hate him as I would curse him with whatever breath I had left the entire way but it is good for me…I think.

Finally did you see the post on organising your patterns over on Coletterie this week? How clever! I love that you can have every pattern you own on hand when fabric shopping. Most times I will go shopping with a specific pattern in mind but you never know when inspiration will strike and it’d be great to know that you have all the length requirements right at your fingertips.

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