Hey Peeps!

Today we finally had all the tiling done in the master bedroom and bathroom and it looks awesome! It’s getting so close to being done, there is a really long list of finishing jobs but the jobs themselves are, for the most part, small so I am hopeful that it will all be completely finished for the Parentals return in six weeks!

Other than that it’s been a rather enjoyable week…..

Chiana resting “comfortably” / Sunbathing lizards / PJ’s for Moi!
Maxi Anna / Radioactive Chi / Chi making herself comfy in the spot I just left
Kingfishers Catch Fire / SuperChi / Bookclub nosh

……I’ve been sewing, playing with Chi and hosting a book club party/meeting which was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I’m off to B&A’s for roastie beast which I am very much looking forward to.

In other very exciting news Little Bother and Big Bird got the keys to their very own house this weekend which is so amazing! I’m heading up next week to help unpack/celebrate and I can’t wait to see the place. Awwwwww Baby Bother is all grown up….kinda…..!

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