Hey Peeps!

I’ve had an amazing couple of months; I got to see Alan Carr Chatty Man being filmed with Carrie Fisher, saw my Baby Bothers brand new gorgeous house, celebrated my Uncles 60th birthday, went to Comic Con, met a new boy (!) and spent some quality time with some of my favourite people. Spoilt much? Why yes I am.

Age appropriate 60th birthday games / Paper boat flotilla for the “Not Round the Island Race” party / B’day pressie
Chi fluffing zombie fabric / Comic Con GOT Dragon / Sherklocked
Dirty Blonde in a galaxy far far away / Granny’s spider / My shoes are finally free!
Pretty rainbow / First attempt at machine embroidery / Pressies from the Middle East
Hottest day of the year Chi curls up in a duvet / 1930’s pattern catalogue / White wine at the beach
Sea wall / Binnel Bay / Swan like (apparently) 

This years LFCC was a really interesting experience, it was the first time I have been to this event without a Gold Ticket (which basically lets you in to all the talks without having to queue up) and I have to say that I will be saving up for a Gold Ticket for next years Con. The amount of time we spent queuing or waiting to be allowed to queue was huge and it meant making decisions between things that you really wanted to see because you had to pick one to queue for! Given the amount of money we spent on tickets and talks etc I do think the Gold Ticket works out great value for money. The Con was so much fun though and I’ve decided that next year I’m going to Cosplay….I’ve just got to decide what costume to make now.

In other news… I’ve met someone! For now I shall nickname him Dr Mosby; he is a real Doctor (just not the medical kind) and his friends have told him the he’s even unluckier in love than Ted from How I Met Your Mother (!) hence him still being single at the ripe old age of thirty seven. I “met” him on Plenty of Fish of all places, I’d gotten a bit fed up with the pay monthly dating websites that I’d been trying over the last nine (NINE?!?!?) years and my friend Foxytron at least had very amusing stories of her POF experience so I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?”…. I stumbled upon Dr. Mosby, added him to my favourites, he sent me a message, we started chatting, a few days later we had our first date and that was six weeks ago. Very early days but I’m happy and he is awesome!

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