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I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I came across a picture from one of my favourite bloggers Sarah from A Million Dresses. Sarah has started making her own dresses and her output is amazing, I am in awe! The picture Sarah posted was of a gorgeous fabric from Cotton and Steel and it’s going to make an awesome dress, one of comments was that is was going to have to join the queue as she currently has over seventy dresses worth of fabric in her stash. It got me thinking so I went had a look at my own stash and yup I have about sixty five dresses worth of fabric just sitting there waiting to be used…..whoops. Having said all that it hasn’t stopped me window shopping for new pretties and this week I’ve found this little lot…..

Marble Peacock / Minky Cuddle
Electric Feather / Fairy Frost Cloud

……can you tell what my favourite colour is? The first fabric is so pretty, all the gold parts are metallic and it looks amazing in person (Mum bought three yards for quilting purposes but that might have gone missing…… into my stash……) it would make a beautiful dress er quilt. I’ve been wanting to make my own dressing gown for ages now and I think this minky fabric would be perfect and so comfy I even have the perfect pattern in my stash. The feather print is so beautiful, I have no idea what I would make with it but I love the colours. Lastly Mum was looking for some fabric for snow as she is hosting a seasonal Block of the Month quilting group in Saudi and when I stumbled across this one I though it would be perfect, I also think it would make a beautiful dress….sooooo many dresses!

Last night was book club night and I decided to wear this….

Dress: Trashy Diva Annette Dress
Shoes: Office (Old)
Bracelets: Knotting Elle

…….I finally got myself a remote for my camera so proper outfit photos again! I love this dress the colour combination is so pretty and I love the neckline. I’ve embraced the fact certain neckline are going to show your bra straps but I’ve got pretty bras so I don’t mind. Last nights book was Her Privates We by Frederic Manning and overall it got very high reviews but I really struggled with it, the more book club books I read the more I am realising that I do love reading but it’s a very specific genre (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) that I enjoy. I got to pick the book for Septembers meeting (we have August off) and I chose Good Omens by Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchett. It’s one of my favourite reads but I think I’m going to be in the minority. My view on picking this book was that it would probably not be something that any of the other members would have read on their own and I think that’s the point of book club plus you never know they may love it…….ha!

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