Hey Peeps!

So I’m a little (a lot) late with posting this dress but I really did finish it January, honest! I stumbled upon the #JungleJanuary tag on Instagram and knew I had the perfect fabric for it. I had made a jumpsuit out of it a few years ago but I never wore it so I ripped it apart and with the little bit of yardage I had left I had just enough for an By Hand London Anna/Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (my second ever, definitely blogging them out of order!).

I got the fabric from Barkcloth Hawaii which is one of my favourite fabric shops, they have an amazing selection and are so friendly. I have a few more lengths that I’m waiting for the right inspiration to hit but for now I just stroke them occasionally…sooooo pretty.

I love this dress so much….I’ve made seven variations now. I tried to be as careful as I could with the placement of the different parrots but I had such a limited amount of fabric to work with I couldn’t be too fussy. I lined the whole dress and used some stiff bias binding to finish off the hem, attaching the lining to the shell fabric, so far this has held up well (I’ve worn and washed this dress quite a few times). My next Anna is a maxi version with the birthday fabric Big Bird and Little Bother gave me and it’s very nearly finished.

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