Hey Peeps!

How is everyone this week? I had a lovely bank holiday weekend over on the mainland with Dr Mosby, it was wetter than I would have thought August should be but that just meant cuddling up on the sofa and extending the Doctors Disney knowledge. Lilo and Stitch is his favourite so far. I did miss my sewing machine though. The Bernina has gone back to be serviced for a second time in nine months which sucks especially as I’m at the quilting stage of my first quilt which is something I definitely can’t do on my little Singer. Other than that little hiccup the quilt is coming along nicely, it’s a pressie for a wonderful friend so I can’t share any pictures as yet but as soon as she’s seen it believe me I will be sharing pictures everywhere!

As ever I’ve been fabric stalking shopping (I don’t have enough already….) I haven’t bought anything this week which I think shows marvellous restraint on my part, just look at these lovelies…..

Hanu / Ena
Manoa / Ohiohi

……aren’t they beautiful? They are from Barkcloth Hawaii which I have mentioned many many times before. Now given what the English “Summer” is giving us weather wise at the moment you may well think I’m crazy for drooling over light weight cotton fabrics but I’m lucky enough to be going to the Middle East in October for two whole weeks! Woo. Hoo. It’s still going to be really hot over there during the days so cotton dresses are going to be a must, especially as I will be having to wear an abaya if we venture out into public….yup I’m going to Saudi Arabia!

In other news I saw the first ready to wear dress I’ve really wanted in well over a year and a half, the gorgeous Sarah of A Million Dresses was wearing it and I love it. It’s from Yumi…..

……and it’s beautiful! I think I might start trawling Spoonflower to see if anyone has designed anything similar. Hmmmmm now there’s an idea……I’m off fabric stalking hunting again…wish me luck!

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