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It’s been a while…..what a month October has been! I’ve passed my driving test, cut out quilt pieces, fitted muslins, sewn dresses, sunbathed, played with the Ginger Terror and done some seriously quality shopping…..

Lucky dress worked / Chiana is not amused / How hot?
Swarovski Beads, Wedding Dress Trim & Bridesmaid Fabric / Stop! Abaya Time / Roses at the Ritz
Blissed out Ginger Terror / The most beautiful lace in the world / Mini desserts are the way forward

I’m currently over in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia visiting the Parental Units which has been so much fun. The first week out here we also had Little Bother and Big Bird so it’s been a real family affair. I’d always been very hesitant about coming to Saudi…..Dubai, yes…..Abu Dhabi, yes….Bahrain, yes…..but Riyadh?? My idea of a holiday does not include having to wear (essentially) a shapeless black sheet over clothing in 30+ heat but Mama talked me into it and I’m so glad she did. I’ve had such a wonderful time that I’ve extended my stay an extra couple of days to have another “weekend”!

I’ll talk in detail about this whole trip at a later date (how excited are you for that !?!?) but for now I wanted to share my latest finished dress. It’s another By Hand London Anna/Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (I promise I make other patterns too) and I love it….

Todays photographer is the oh so talented Papa! Merci Papa

…..I’ve had this Alexander Henry “Bewitched” fabric in my stash for a couple of years now, I love all his pin up designs (and own quite a few….) and I brought this one out with me as fabric and managed to take enough of a break from sunbathing to finish sewing it yesterday. I wore it out today to brunch at the Al Faisaliah Hotel (under my abaya of course) which felt ever so naughty….they aren’t big fans of Halloween out here! I’d only bought myself three metres of this so I couldn’t get too precious about pattern placement but I made sure that Cat Lady on the pumpkin got centre stage on the bodice and there was at least one full (and upright) pin up on each of the skirt panels. Papa made a comment about the length of these dresses but as I wear them predominately in the colder months with tights and boots I like the length (and I do make my summer dresses much longer). Clearly tights aren’t an (sane) option in 35 degree heat so I was a little grateful for the shapeless black sheet today! So do you have any “tried and true” patterns that you reach for when you want the instant gratification of sewing something you know you’ll love?

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