Hey Peeps!

I stumbled across Bimble & Pimble’s Instagram Sewvember challenge completely by accident……

……I thought it was a brilliant idea so I’ve been taking part. I was planning on a round up post at the end of November but I realised that would end being very long so I’m going to split it in to two. Here goes….

Day 1: Sewing Space…..

…..I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing room which is awesome. The only thing I don’t do in there is tracing and cutting patterns, I use the island in the kitchen for that.

Day 2: Technique…..

……I love using bias binding for Hong Kong seam finishing, so pretty.

Day 3: Stash…..

……my stash is getting rather large and has never knowingly been under fluffed by Chiana.

Day 4: WIP (Work In Progress)…..

……the Deer & Doe Belladone dress in this gorgeous Toadstool Terrariums fabric from Spoonflower (I’ve finished it just got to photograph it for the blog now).

Day 5: Tools….

……I have quite a few tools that I use regularly and it was weird/interesting sewing at my Mum’s without them, quilters and dressmakers have really different needs when sewing it seems.

Day 6: You…..


Day 7: Insides…..

…….the insides of my Birthday Lawn dress, the bias binding was a pain to do (on SEVEN skirt panels) but so worth it as looks so pretty inside and out (I think).

Day 8: Signature Style…..

……this was easy, I love fitted bodices and full circle skirts with the occasional wiggle dress thrown in for good measure.

Day 9: Next Project….

…..I was planning on making the Sewaholic Minoru next but I’m still waiting on the zips and lining to turn up, it’s next on the list though.

Day 10: Inspiration….

….Pinterest (of course) I also love that I can organise my inspiration there too making finding the things I love so much easier.

Day 11: Early Make….

…….the first thing I ever made was a balck velvet bakers boy cap with some beading on the peak but that’s long gone now. I got properly back into sewing in 2011(ish), I’d taken a whole weekend off and ended up churning out four of this Butterick pattern which I still wear now.

Day 12: Favourite Finish…..

……french seams and bias binding baby!

Day 13: View…..

……..not the most inspiring view but it does have added pretty kitty.

Day 14: UFO (Unfinished Object)….

…….an Anna dress in black Gaberdine with turquoise blue bias binding finish. All this dress needs is the hem to be finished but I just can’t bring myself to do it as I really really don’t like the facings, they feel really uncomfortable.

Day 15: Sewing Library….

…..I’m not sure three books constitutes a library but it’s what I’ve got. I do have a few books on my Christmas wish list though.

I’ve loved seeing everyone else’s pictures, it’s really interesting getting a glimpse in to other peoples sewing lives. Thank you so much to Amanda for coming up with this idea!

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