Hey Peeps!

How is everyone? Ive had a lovely week making lots and lots of Christmas presents, I was determined to have everything organised this year and not have a mad last minute rush which I think I might actually manage.

Whilst making all these things I’ve also managed to spend some time browsing fabrics too (shocking, I know)…….

A New Leaf / Autumn Scenic Trees
Shades of the Season /  Autumn Forest

…..clearly all the cold weather and changing leaves have affected my choices. I love the colours you see at this time of year and these fabrics are all gorgeous I’d happily wear dresses in any one of these (which is a good job as I may have some of the Autumn Scenic Trees loveliness on it’s way to me right now……).

I’ve also been looking for some more “normal” fabrics to make trousers, skirts and dresses out of because I can’t have an entire wardrobe filled with quirky prints…..can I? This I find much much harder to do because all the bonkers loveliness calls out to me and I get distracted. I did mange to find this however……

Rebecca Taylor Polka Dot Wool

……..it’s a gorgeous lightweight wool fabric from Mood. Not the most normal of fabrics I grant you but ages and ages ago I had a lovely pair of polka dot wool trousers from French Connection which I mostly loved except that they weren’t high waisted. I have such a long body that I used to flash a bit of belly every now and then when I was wearing them. I ended up giving them to Tatty (bestest friend) so they would get used and I could love them from afar. This Rebecca Taylor fabric is $18 (£11.50ish) a yard which isn’t at all bad so I’m thinking it might just go on my Christmas wish list. Then I’ll have the joys of trouser making to contend with……hmmm it would look really good as a skirt too right?

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