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I say this every time I put one of these lists together; apparently I’m hard to buy presents for! I don’t see it myself……fabric, anything sewing related, shiny or made of chocolate and I’m a happy bunny. Mind you I could narrow those areas down a little bit so here goes…..


The Complete Photo Guide To Perfect Fitting / Winter Blooms
Fashionary Notebook / Couture Sewing Techniques
……there are lots and lots of sewing/knitting books that I’ve got my eye on but I think these four are top of my list. I’m trying to get better at fitting and could certainly use all the help I can get, especially as I’m making a wedding dress next year! I would love to learn to knit and the patterns in this book look gorgeous, I’m fully aware that I couldn’t start off with one of these but it would be good to have something to aim for and drool over whilst I’m learning. The Fashionary notebook is awesome for planning and you all know how much I love making lists, well with this I could make lists with pretty pictures too! Finally I think Couture Sewing would be a fascinating read and again it would certainly help with wedding dress making.
Vogue V9015 / Deer & Doe Chataigne Shorts
Papercut Bellatrix Blazer
…..there aren’t actually that many patterns that I’ve got my eye on at the moment which surprises me (must have ALL the patterns!). First up is this Vogue number, I’ve been on a bit of a PJ making marathon this past week and whilst PJ’s are lovely I do like nightgowns as well. Also I was thinking I could use them as slips under some of the dresses I’ve been making recently, I tend to only line the bodices of my dresses so there has been some tights stickage occurring. Next I’ve had my eye on this Deer and Doe shorts pattern for ages but always shied away due to the difficulty of fitting trousers but I’ve decided to “Man up wetpants!” and at least give them a try. Lastly is the Papaercut Bellatrix Blazer which is gorgeous and I think would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.
Popular 50
Popular 20 / Metallics / Naturals / Pastels
……my foray into machine embroidery was so much fun even with the very crappy thread I used (note to self do not buy cheap thread from eBay!) I’m still working on getting the software to work on my Mac (It’s designed to only run with Windows programmes and only Windows 7 not the 8.1 I’ve got installed….bugger) but I once that’s working there are so many things I want to try and for that I need good thread!! These are definitely pipe dreams (don’t expect anyone to spend that on a Christmas pressie) but just look how pretty….le sigh.
Clapper / Pinking Shears
Stitch Markers / Circular Needles 

……..I’d really really like a clapper set for seams (happy clapper seams), also some pinking shears (how do I not have pinking shears?), some stitch markers and finally a set of circular knitting needles. Nuff said.


Denim Dots (3 metres) / Red Cotton Sateen (3 metres) / Polka Dot Wool (4 yards)
Tula Medium Cotton (4 metres) / Tula Medium Cotton (4 metres)

…..it wouldn’t be a wish list without some fabric. Clearly I’m having a thing for polka dots at the moment in the forms of stretch denim, cotton sateen and 100% wool……mmmmmm polka dotty goodness. I’m also trying to make some wardrobe basics (well as basic as a fit and flare dress can be) and I love both of these colours, still feeling very autumnal it seems.

So there we go friend and family peeps I’m not at all difficult to buy for……honest!

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