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I’ve had another industrious week of Christmas present making which has really gotten me in to the festive mood……that and the fact that Christmas has thrown up on all the shops around the island and you can’t escape it wherever you go! This has definitely effected my mood whilst fabric browsing this week, I love the idea of wearing a Christmas themed dress at Christmas (I did it last year and plan on doing the same this year) so this type of fabric browsing was inevitable. and heres what I’ve added to my wish list.

First up……..

Mini Ornaments / Holly Leaves
Winter Essentials / Snowflakes

…….these gorgeous white fabrics, I think these would be a great way of wearing a themed dress which isn’t screamingly obvious as a Christmas dress. We’ve got baubles, holly leaves, seasonal wording and my personal favourite snowflakes. Given the amount of eating you are likely to be doing on the day in question a white dress may not be the most practical choice but I think it would look lovely.

I also looked for some more traditional prints and colours……

Christmas Star / Metallic Cardinals / Winter Berries
Winterberry Botanical Green 
…….all of these would make lovely Christmas dresses. I particularly like the holly berry garlands on the dark green background, just think of all the fun you could have with different fabric placements…. I’m thinking of a chevroned bodice and horizontal striped skirt.
To me Christmas isn’t Christmas without a poinsettia in the house (no idea where that’s come from so I looked it up, here if you’re interested…..thank you Joel Roberts P!) so I had to include this one…..
Silver Holly / My True Love Gave To Me Holly / Seasons Greetings Holly
……along with these holly and mistletoe fabrics. I love all the metallic accents in the two holly fabrics which is very appropriate at Christmas plus it appeals to the magpie in me…..mmmmm shiny, excites!
Lastly I found these…..
Snowflake Blur / Holiday Glitter
Holiday Yule Critters

……in the UK we rarely get proper snow and when we do get it it’s never on Christmas day which sucks. Christmas day with a full on blanket of snow, friends and family, a roaring fire and lots of yummy food would be awesome….as long as the snow would then magical disappear on Boxing day so everyone can go about their business…..ahhhh a girl can dream. I love both of these snowflake fabrics which have an added bit of metallic sparkle (magpie alert!) but again with the white background/Christmas food issues. Finally I have no idea why I like this last fabric it’s overly cutesy (even for me……I have some fabric with frolicking Pugs on it for crying out loud!)  and very in your face (again, even for me…..I have fabric with day glow tree frogs on it!) but I really do like it. Although I think I would probably make myself Christmas PJ’s out it rather than a dress….probably.

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