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Can you believe it’s December already? How on earth did that happen???? I’m in full on Christmas present making mode (that’s a mouthful) which means very little selfish sewing is being done but I do have plans for a Christmas themed dress for myself so I’m going to have to squeeze that in somehow. It’s all doable…….note to self; start making 2015 Christmas presents in January next year!

The end of November also means the end of Bimble and Pimbles Sewvember photo challenge on Instagram here are the rest of my pictures….

Day 16: Organisation….

…..I like to have my thread organised in colours ’cause it looks pretty.

Day 17: Planning……

……..I like writing lists, I rarely stick to them but it makes feel organised.

Day 18: Fun…..

……I posted a video of Chi doing her tricks but I can’t get that to work on here (technical skills definitely lacking today) this however is just as fun…..Chi likes to give the paw of approval to all my sewing projects.

Day 19: Fit….

…..I always have to make adjustments to patterns, usually lengthening the bodice, a FBA and making room for my big hips/butt. It’s fun figuring out how to make things fit.

Day 20: Notions……

…..I clearly have a thing for sparkly things, bias binding and pretty trims/lace.

Day 21: Craziest Fabric….

…..I have some crazy prints but I think this is the nuttiest! It’s a cotton/silk blend from Spoonflower. It’s a picture of scrunched up tin foil and I love it.

Day 22: Tried and True…..

…….the Anna dress is definitely one of my TNT patterns but you’ve seen all of those. This is a Kittenish Behaviour pattern which I love and make loads of although I don’t seem to photograph them! It’s the same 5 panel skirt I pair with the Anna Bodice on the shorter versions I make.

Day 23: Patterns….

……..I have my patterns organised in an Ikea Benno CD tower which works really well. They’re sorted into Vintage, Indie and Big 4 along with Colin the camel. I keep my PDF’s in plastic folders and all my own patterns I have finally been sorted into their own folders.

Day 24: Challenge….

…….this seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst cat owning sewers…..whenever Chi can be “helpful” she will be.

Day 25: Complete….

…..this is a vintage house coat/dressing gown I made using Butterick 7461 with a few alterations; FBA and a tie waistband. It’s silk cotton from Spoonflower and I lined it with brushed cotton so it’s lovely and warm.

Day 26: Red Hot Mess…..

…..I don’t think this classes as a total hot mess but the fabric was all wrong for the jumpsuit so I never wore it. Thankfully the trouser legs were just big enough to salvage for the skirt panels so I eventually got something wearable out of this fabric four years later.

Day 27: Best Make…..

…….I love this coat but it remained unfinished for the longest time due to me being terrified of ruining it when I did the buttonhole! I decided on a giant press stud instead and I’m now looking for the perfect fancy button/brooch to really finish it off but until I find it at least I can wear it.

Day 28: Hem….

……I love a bit of bias binding.

Day 29: Learning……

…….I love learning new things. Totally took advantage of the Craftsy sale and got these three classes, going to be fun.

Day 30: Top Tip…..

……these Pilot Frixion pens are brilliant for marking fabric (darts etc) because when you iron over the mark it disappears (obviously test this on a fabric scrap to make certain!). All the pens I’ve used that were designed for sewing tend to vanish very quickly and as I like to cut out and mark multiple projects at once disappearing makers are a pain in the butt!

So there you have it 30 days of sewing photos (with added pretty kitty), it was so much fun and I found so many new blogs and picked up some great tips along the way. Thank you Amanda for organising it.

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