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For this week’s Friday I’m In Love I’ve decided on a little bit of shameless self promotion so I’m sharing some of my holiday favourites from Kittenish Behaviour. First up……

….the Trashy Diva Honey dress. These are both made from a gorgeous satin that has a slight stretch to it (perfect for wearing at Christmas dinner……there will be room for all the yummy goodness) and a subtle sheen. The style is very flattering and super swooshy (that’s a technical term) brilliant for dancing, all round the perfect party dress.
Next we have the beautiful Lottie dress……….

 …….made from the same stretch satin (totally Christmas dinner friendly dress!) as the Honeys this time in classic black or antique white. Again super flattering shape and swooshy, flirty mini skirt, theses dresses would look amazing paired with some of the gorgeous sparkly tights that you can find at this time of year.


………we have the Bernie Dexter Winter Wonderland skirt which is the perfect Christmas skirt (in my opinion). The gorgeous print is so Christmassy and the skirt itself is very easy to wear. Either team it with a jumper, tights and flats for a lovely relaxed Pin Up day time look or pair it with a Bardot style top, heels and your blingiest jewellery for a festive party outfit.

One of my favourite things about the festive season (apart from watching people open up the presents I’ve made for them) is the excuse to wear your fanciest dresses whenever you like, I’ve been known to wear my satin party dresses around the house with warm fluffy socks on Christmas day just because and I’m sure that this year will be no different!

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