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Happy New Year! 2015 how the hell did that happen?? I hope you’ve all had a lovely festive season and been throughly spoilt, I know I have. Fabulous food (who knew Little Bother could cook like that!), my wonderful family and I’ve been given some lovely presents, plus I still have more to look forward to when I get home on Sunday night…..awesomesauce.

I’ve spent the last couple of months making everyones Christmas pressies which was actually a lot of fun, all the family got PJ’s which lead to us having many PJ parties including New Years Eve. There were fancy silk ones, warm toasty fleecy ones and the pièce de résistance have to be these bad boys….

……….Big Bird and I decided this would be the perfect fabric for Baby Bothers Christmas pressie so I started tracking some down. This lot came all the way over from California and I’m so glad I found it. I couldn’t be too careful with print placement due to limited yardage meaning I ended up with this interesting hand/crotch placement…..oooo errr missus! Baby Bother spent the entirety if Christmas day in these and looked rather dashing.

In all the selfless sewing craziness I managed to squeeze in a little Christmas dress for myself. I got myself three yards of this Michael Miller Poinsettia fabric which is the perfect amount for yet another Anna/Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (yes I know, another one but I needed something I could make super fast/not really need to think about)……

……I got it finished just in time for the book club Christmas dinner which was lovely. I wore the Crown and Glory Lana orchid in attempt to avoid Christmas cracker hat which worked a treat but I totally forgot about the Christmas cracker moustaches, silly silly me.

All in all this festive season has been amazing, I have an amazing family, fabulous friends and some really rather wonderful customers. Bring it on 2015 it’s going to fun!

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