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It’s February (just in case you hadn’t realised) where did January go? Did anyone notice? Whaaaaaat? I swear the months are getting shorter. I actually had a very busy and enjoyable January. I realised a couple of months ago that whilst I’ve been living down here on the island I really haven’t been taking advantage of it. There has been lots of work done (yes Papa, LOTS of work) and lot’s of me leaving the island to visit friends but very little exploring of this lovely little island has actually been done. Which is just stoopid. It’s beautiful down here and there is loads to do….even in the Winter.

Now given that the people I know down here are my Parentals friends my social scene was a little limited so I joined a Meet Up group called the “Isle of Wight Hobnobs” and it’s been brilliant. Last month we went on a leisurely stroll along the east coast of the island, listened to live music, watched the awesome film The Theory of Everything, came second in a pub quiz and danced our little socks off. It’s a really interesting mix of people and it’s lovely being able to meet people that you otherwise might never have come across, it’s a rather fab thing ’tis the interwebs! My social calendar is just as jam packed this month plus I have Small Girl Type Creature coming for a visit in-between university interviews, February is shaping up to be awesomesauce.

I actually haven’t done any sewing at all so far this year but I do have a few creations that as yet haven’t made it to the blog, this being one of them……

…….it’s a By Hand London Flora but in skirt form. Looking at these photos I love it but in real life it’s an epic fail. The material is totally wrong…..sad face. I made it out of the Gaberdine that I’m making my Sewaholic Minoru out of, once I’d cut out all the coat pieces I had loads of fabric left over so I thought I’d try a skirt…..big mistake. It just really doesn’t work it’s way too stiff for a skirt plus it makes a really loud rustle noise when I move which is weird, so yeah sad face.

It’s only saving grace is that it looks lovely when you hold still as the fabric really shows off the skirts beautiful shape plus it’s great for twirling…..
……..mmmmmm swirly twirly. This particular skirt is destined for the scrap pile (the enormous scrap pile that is threatening to swallow me…….really must get my quilting head on!) but there will definitely be more Flora skirts in my future. 
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