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How is everyone? I’m aching all over as I have (yet again) decided to take up exercise as a daily thing …..why???? Well I know exactly why…..I’ve put on well over a stone and a half since moving down to the island last year and my clothes have started feeling a little…..restrictive shall we say, not good. My diet really wasn’t helping (pancetta, cheese and sour cream baguettes taste soooooo good) so I’ve started eating much healthier food which has gotten me a stone towards my goal weight but I’ve realised that as blessed as I have been in the genetics department diet alone will no longer cut it…..ahhhh they joys of getting older. So I’m making friends with Jillian Michaels…..again.

When I started this blog back in 2010 (ohhhh mmmmm geeeee how long ago?) I was well in to a fitness regime involving Ms Michaels and it was really working. I kept a daily log of how I was feeling and coping with her videos which I found recently……it made for interesting reading (well for me it did). When I started back then I was at what I would now consider my goal weight (ha!) and trying to get down to a weight I had been at my very skinniest purely so I could wear a lovely (and very expensive) pair of jeans that had been tailored to fit me perfectly. Now while I wouldn’t mind getting in said expensive jeans I would be very happy if I could just get to what my starting weight was back then! This time around I have taken some “Before” photos so I can see how far I get but until I’m totally (mostly) happy with the “After” pictures there is no way I’m putting them out there for the whole interwebs to see. I still can’t believe it’s been five years since I started this! How on earth does that happen???

So I do have something new to share with you today….it’s this…..

 …….I’m so in love with this coat. I made it ages ago but totally chickened out of finishing it when it came to putting the buttonhole in. I was terrified my machine would chew it up and spit it out and I would cry. I had no grounds for these fears my machine has behaved beautifully anytime I have ever asked it to do buttonholes but for some reason I got the fear! Looking back I think I would try a bound buttonhole next time (and there will be a next time) but for this version I finally settled on a giant press stud as the closure which works perfectly but left the front of the coat looking a little plain. Enter Big Bird……she took me shopping in Stratford which has so many lovely little shops and in one of them I found this awesome 1930’s (apparently) brooch which the magpie in me was very happy about.

The coat pattern itself is something I copied from an All Saints coat that I have and have nearly loved to death (sooooo many rips in the lining…sad face) the original is actually a tail coat but it really doesn’t work over the huge 50’s style dresses I love to wear so I played around with the back pieces until I came up with this…..

……I found the fabric years ago on eBay and snapped it up. It’s a heavy weight barkcloth type fabric and as soon I saw the huge green roses I knew I wanted it to be a coat but put off doing anything about it for so long….I’m very glad I finally pulled my finger out! I worn this out a few times since I finished it and it always gets comments….so far they have all been complimentary!

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P.S. Yes Papa I took these photos back in February…..that is still my old hair do!
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