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Twice in one week! Don’t faint, stranger things have happened……can’t think of them right now but I’m pretty sure they have. I thought I’d get back in to posting my “Friday I’m In Love’s”, I really like looking for new fabric and even though I’m not buying any new fabric at the moment…..honestly (except for linings that is) I still like looking. Just looking…..there isn’t 3 yards of stripy goodness on it’s way too me as I type…..but as soon as that’s arrived then that’s it……promise. Well of course there is three weeks in Riyadh coming up but after that no more fabric until I’ve used everything I already have……because of course that’s going to happen!

Anyway shall we have a look at this weeks addiction fuel……

Iris and Orchid / Gold Arrows
Baby Avengers / Lilies 

…….first up is this gorgeous digital print. As it is the scale would be too small for my tastes but the great thing about Spoonflower is that you can contact the designer and usually they are willing to work with you so you get exactly what you want. Unfortunately they seem to have stopped offering the cotton silk blend I love but they do have cotton sateen which is the same price so I shall try that out next time I place an order……which won’t be until I’ve turned all the fabric I already own into clothes, quilts etc……….*cough* moving swiftly on. Next up is the gold arrows which I think is so beautiful and I already have plans for interestingly pieced bodices *le sigh*. Then there is this cute Baby Avengers fabric which would make an awesome pair of PJ’s and lastly another digital floral print which again I would ask for on a slightly different scale to the current one.

I also thought I’d share what I’m loving dancing to and singing along badly with listening to at the moment…..

……I don’t watch TV very often and when I do I tend to get up and do something during the adverts because I’m an advertisers dream….must have all the things! Well the new Cadburys advert has “Yes Sir, I can boogie” playing which I love and led to the purchase of this album, it’s awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be over in the corner practising my hustle!

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