Hey Peeps!

Why is it that whenever I decide to get my act together and start exercising my bodies first reaction is “oh no you don’t! Here let me give you a cold so I can stop you in your tracks!” grrrr! Yup I’m feeling all poorly and sorry for myself….again! On a positive note spring has most definitely sprung here on the island…..

……the magnolia tree is in bloom……in the background you can see the hail storm that hit us about twenty minutes after taking that picture! Ahhhhh the joys of living in the English countryside.

Despite feeling like death slightly warmed over there has been plenty of activity here, mainly of the crafting variety. I has the lovely Miss L come to stay for a long weekend which was mostly spent making yummy foods…..

Chocolate Orange Truffles 
Chocolate Mousse
 ……..embroidering leather…..

……and generally messing about with paper…..

…..oh and we also fed the badgers, it’s the only sane thing to do with your left over roast chicken…..

……..as they will eat the entire thing! All in all it was a lovely few days and Miss L has even agreed to come back in the not too distant future.

So I’ve been sorting out my photos and I found a whole bunch of Chiana over the last year and half, she used to be so teeny. It gave me an idea to do a Chiana vs….. series as she does seem to obsess over some of my inanimate objects. First up…..my Bernina, more specifically the embroidery unit of my Bernina….

…….when I brought her home she pretty much made a beeline straight for it. You can’t really blame her, there is a perfect kitten sized hole ready made for napping in. The only problem is that is really was a kitten sized hole….

….totally acceptable when you are only fourteen weeks old, but……

…..unfortunately fourteen week isn’t fully grown! Chi was convinced she still fit a few weeks later…..(she totally wanted that leg poking out at that awkward angel….honest)……

….but by six months there was no fooling anyone, the kitten sized hole had been totally outgrown. Chi will occasionally try and fit her butt back in it these days but never looks comfortable and never stays in it for long……she’s been trying out other pieces of equipment though….

…….also not so comfy and also not napped on for long!

All in all March has been pretty awesome (despite the stupid cold) and there have been lots of things made…..

…..just none finished! I really have to be in the mood for hand sewing it seems…..Chiana judges me….

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