Hey Peeps!

Happy Zombie Jebus weekend everybody! I hope you all have lots of lovely plans for the long weekend? Mine include lots and lots of sewing (no surprise there then!) I’m hoping to get the quilting finished on my second quilt and a few dresses made……totally doable………I think.

This week I thought I’d combine my birthday wish list with my Friday favourites, two birds with one stone and all that! So yup it’s my birthday coming up…..again. How is that possible? I’m sure I just had a birthday!! I can’t possibly be another year older…….right? Right???

So the good thing about birthdays is that lovely people give you lovely things; hugs, cake (mmmmmm cake) and also pressies! It will come as no surprise to anyone that fabric features heavily on my wish list this year…..

Feathers on Black (2 metres) / Primevera Iris (4 metres)
Botanic Garden (4 metres) / Pansies (4 metres)

……first up is this gorgeous cotton sateen from Truro fabrics, I think it would look amazing as a wiggle dress (Papa has seconded this) which means less fabric which is good ’cause $$$$. Then we have this Iris print which I’m totally in love with, I’m thinking circle skirt and tight bodice (because of course I am!). Next is this oh so pretty cherry blossom print again I’m thinking circle skirt but Papa suggested making a two piece instead of a dress which I think is a genius idea, I’m thinking a little bolero jacket rather than a shirt though as these quilting cottons don’t really lend themselves to drapey shirts. Lastly there is this totally drool worthy pansy print which is so beautiful (I think it’s my favourite although I don’t play favourites with my fabrics….honest…) these pansies will definitely become a dress…….tight bodice, circle skirt naturally.

Next up, if anyone was feeling super generous, we have this lovely thing…..

…….a huge fluffy petticoat from Vivien of Holloway given all the circle skirts I make it’s surprising that I only own one crinoline! Mine is a gorgeous green vintage affair that I love but it doesn’t really go with everything so I was thinking a cream one would be a great idea! Given how much these are I would happily welcome gift vouchers to help towards buying myself one.

And finally my geeky side is showing…..

Thug Kitchen 
Sonic Screwdriver / Chop-Sabers

….the Thug Kitchen has always made me giggle and drool at the same time, I think this cookbook would be so much fun. Next up is this Sonic Screwdriver…..I’m thinking of cosplaying at this years LFCC so this would be very handy and also awesome! Lastly light up chop-sabers…..NEED!

So there we go family and friend Peeps, I hope this helps!

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