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So I made these dresses whilst I was out in Saudi visiting The Parental Units. I took loads of different sewing projects out with me….in fact I think I had more fabric in my suitcases than actual clothes! Given that it’s roughly a million degrees and you have to wear a big black sheet everywhere you go out there my packing did mostly consist of bikinis and cover ups (true story: I went to lunch in a 5* hotel wearing a bikini under my abaya….. I felt very naughty) but still this bunch of fabric is very well travelled! 

I fell in love with all these fabrics on first sight, the pink roses I found it in a shop in Ventnor (Isle of Wight) and the other two were from Fabric.com. I got around to photographing these dresses once I was home from the desert in May and then I did nothing with them until now, whoops.

So you remember me telling you that I went blonde…..? Yup I went really blonde which was a whole bunch of fun from the bright red my hair had been. I think these photos show the blonde at it’s best. I did like it but it didn’t really feel like me, I missed the red. Anyway! The dresses…..


 …..I made these three out in Saudi and to date I’ve made eight……! It’s a Kittenish Behaviour pattern which I’ve christened Grace (not overly sure why but I like it). It’s a fitted sweetheart bodice with waistband and five panel circle skirt.

I initially designed this dress to be used with the beautiful laces I’ve brought back from around the world like this gorgeous specimen from Singapore….

…..shown here over the calico muslin. I decided that the bodice shape would work just as well without the overlay if I just raised the neckline a little bit so that’s what I did…..
I think it’s worked out quite well but it did mean that I needed to add twill tape to gather the neckline so that it didn’t gape……

I also wanted a low back but I still wanted to be able to wear a normal bra so it hits just above the back band of my bra…..

 I really love these three cotton dresses and this pattern, so much so that I used it as my bridesmaid dress which I’ll share in another post.

Before I go I thought you might like to see some outtakes….

….here I’m being dive bombed by a bumble bee (you can just about see him) and here I was trying failing to get twirly pictures….



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