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How is everyone doing? During my blogging hiatus I kept myself busy and at least a little time every week has been spent drooling over gorgeous fabric on the interwebs. Now I don’t need any new fabric, my stash has grown to gigantic proportions, but that has never stopped me looking for new pretties to adopt. For example….

White Orchids / Poppy Border
Garden Floral / Black Orchids

 …..these floral lovelies are just begging to be turned in to dresses, I don’t care if summer is over I want all the flowers. I also want…..

Berries / Chocolates

 …..all the food related fabric it seems! Yesterday I posted a dress I’ve made with chocolate covered cherry fabric and there is also the Addiction dress with chocolate covered biscuits. I started off a little healthier with this gorgeous berries print but then I saw this chocolate and fruit combo and it was definitely love at first sight. Besides with these fabrics you are wearing the calories rather than ingesting them………

I saw a lovely blogger (I can’t remember who now!) who had made a gorgeous shirt dress out of the white/gold colour way of this beautiful Michael Miller border print and it took me no time at all to track it down and add it to my huge need wish list. Not only did I fall in love with the border print but I also added these metallic polka dots and chevrons to the list, I think all of them would make beautiful dresses which might be a little more Autumn/Winter appropriate than the florals above, what do you think?

Glitz Confetti / Glitz Polka Dot / Glitz Chevron

While I was in the metallic mood this gorgeous Michael Miller “Fairy Frost” fabric in this beautiful rich red and gold colour way jumped out at me. I have some of this fabric in a pale silver/white combo which got turned in to a dress last Christmas but I wasn’t really in love with it (the dress that is not the fabric) thankfully I have enough fabric leftover to alter the bits I don’t like but it’s ended up on my mending pile where it’s been languishing for months now as I hate alterations and repairs! I’d much rather make something new from scratch!

Fairy Frost in Hollyberry

 Last but definitely not least are these amazing fabrics……

Blood Spatter / Sailor Foxes
Lightening Sky 

……I’ve never minded what has become known as “Stunt Dressing” (I have dresses with half naked pin up girls and robots all over them) and I think all these fabrics would make awesome additions to my wardrobe. I particularly love the blood spatter one (not sure what this says about me) and I think it would make a fab dress to wear to a Halloween party if an all out costume wasn’t required/your thing.

So there we go yet more fabric goodness that I wish I could buy but won’t……who am I kidding…..at least one of these is going to end up in my stash……well maybe two three……but only three four. Someone stop me!

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