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Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system….Hello again. I kinda disappeared off the face of….well not the planet but off this little spot of the interwebs. Last year was all kinds of weird; lot’s and lot’s of total awesomeness (Parentals coming home full time, Baby Bother getting MARRIED, meeting new friends……you get the gist) but there were some totally s**t bits too. Unfortunately the s**t bits are still ongoing and will be for a little while yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel and thats enough about that!

Today I’m going to share some of my gorgeous Christmas presents and also some things I’ve been eyeing up in the “sales”….

 …….first up is this beautiful fabric by Michael Miller called Regatta. I got my three metres from The Village Haberdashery but it doesn’t look like they have it in stock anymore. I have found some here so if you like it you can still grab yourself some. Miss T also bought me this…..

 …..a Toothless hoody!!!! I absolutely love it, it’s handmade by Pretzl Cosplay and arrived just after Christmas so my gift opening got stretched out over quite a few days which was actually awesome. In other geeky related pressies…..

……Miss K sent me these awesome Funko Pop figures…..Miss S has a huge collection which I covet every time I go to visit her in London and now I have some of my very own…..there are only a million few more that I’d like……what have you started Miss K?!

I also got some gorgeous Project Life goodies! I bought myself one of the core kits last year in the January sales but I never got around to using it as I wasn’t sure where to start. Well I’m addicted to watching YouTube process videos and I’ve decided that I’m going to just start and see how I go. I’ve already got my pictures printed out for the last five or so years so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy… much to Chi’s annoyance……she really would rather be the centre of attention.

Lastly there is this absolutely amazing bed linen set from M&S….

……it’s called Ophelia and I’m in LOVE! Mum and I stumbled upon it whilst we shopping for stocking fillers for Papa and if I hadn’t already had my main present from the Parentals this would have totally been taken home and wrapped up. However Mum had already sent me some Spoonflower vouchers so I just drooled over this for a little bit and then walked away with Mum saying I could always get it in the January sales…..GENIUS!  Bloody M&S haven’t put it in their sale though so I’m still drooling away……maybe it’ll still be about in time for my birthday…..GENIUS!

Again…… Happy New Year Peeps! I hope 2016 is super shiny for you.

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