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Happy Zombie Jesus weekend! How is 2016 treating you so far? For me it’s been mostly totally awesome….apart from being hospitalised by my teeny tiny house cat! Turns out if you are bitten by a dog, a cat or a human you must immediately take yourself off to your Dr’s for antibiotics…..something I did not do which lead to me spending Valentines weekend in a hospital with my arm in a Bradford sling….joy.

Enough about that though I’m here today to share with you some gorgeous fabrics and patterns which I’ve had my eye on. First up is the beautiful Michael Miller print….

…..called Meadow Path. One of my wonderful customers had asked me to find her some Spring like fabrics and my local fabric shop has just received this which couldn’t have been more perfect! I snapped it up and put a picture up on Instagram which got a few enquiries that lead to me buying up more of this print and sending it off to a couple of other people as they couldn’t find it online anywhere. I then got a few emails about the print so I went back to my local shop (who don’t have their own website) and picked up an entire bolt! So if you’d like some of this gorgeous print for your very own you can buy it here.

I have also totally fallen in love with this gorgeous print….

Flamingoes Make A Splash 

……which was designed by Kari Smith and is called Flamingos Make A Splash and it was the winner of the Watercolour Design Challenge. I’m a little bit gutted that Spoonflower no longer offer the cotton/silk blend which was amazing so I’m trying to decide which fabric to buy this on. I want something floaty and light but I don’t really like polyester which means either the cotton lawn or the silk crepe de chine…..decisions decisions!

Pattern wise there are a few that I’ve been coming back to over and over and today I finally hit the buy button! They are as follows….

Trousers / Capelet / Blouse

….. Empire Waist Trousers, Capelet and Butterfly Blouse from Decades of Style. There are many more of their patterns that I’m drawn to but I kept returning to these three in particular and I think they will fit in to my wardrobe very well. I’ve also have my eye on these….

Anderson / Tulip / McCall’s 6696

….Sew Over It’s Anderson Blouse and Tulip Skirt I haven’t purchase them as yet but it’s only a matter of time. I very rarely make separates which means my wardrobe is bursting with many many dresses and I want to try and balance that out a little bit plus I’d like some comfy but smart clothes to wear whilst I’m working from home. Currently I have the comfy thing covered but I’m not sure airline pyjamas could ever be called smart even if they did come from first class! A pattern that I have bought though is the well loved McCall’s 6696 shirt dress, now I know that it’s a dress pattern not separates… but look how pretty! I having a feeling there will be many new shirt dresses in my future, I’m hopeless I know…..

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