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Happy April….how did that happen? So this week I have a few things to share with you, first up is the “April Fool” prank I played on my Papa today….

…..googley eyes everywhere! It’s not really a prank but I’m not overly fond of scaring/shocking people, saying that I only have to walk in a room to make Papa jump out of his skin…..not sure if I’m a super stealthy ninja or just that shocking to behold! I got as many of these stickers everywhere I could find whilst Papa was outside and when he came back in I asked him to rescue me from a gigantic spider in the pantry that was staring at me…hilarity ensued….honest….he noticed them way quicker than Mum did!

Next up is the Bartowski Regatta dress (so named becauseI was rewatching Chuck whilst sewing it)…..

 …..it’s a Kittenish Behaviour Grace bodice with a box pleated AND gathered skirt…..

 ……made with this gorgeous Michael Miller Regatta border print. I wanted to use the whole three metres of the fabric but I didn’t want all the bulky gathering around my waist so I decided to add box pleats spaced evenly along the length and then gather down the space between pleats to get the skirt to the required waist measurement. I really like how it turned out but decided that I would use an odd number of pleats for the next iteration in the hopes that it would give a sleeker finish (it did). I was given this fabric for Christmas and whilst this dress is wildly inappropriate for this time of year I couldn’t wait any longer to make it!

Photobombed by The Ginger Terror

 It was a particularly beautiful day on Thursday so I wasn’t completely frozen after taking these picture, my parents dog was a little bemused by my random twirling though!

The very first version of this dress had a waistband cut out of the striped part of the print but as this is  a very shaped waistband and the stripe I used wasn’t quite wide enough it ended up looking a little funny. I finished the dress put it on my dress form and stared at it for a while…..I still wasn’t completely happy with it so decided to pull it apart and try a solid red waistband and I love it. I also used solid white for the straps as I didn’t have enough fabric to cut them out with the stripes running horizontally and I’m so glad I did as I love the finished dress now. If you’re interested I’ve made a two minute “Making Of” clip which you can see on my YouTube channel. (My Sister-In-Law aka Big Bird just asked what a wasitband is…….it’s the super cool red thing which is way better than a bog standard waistband!)

As it’s Friday I had to share some of the things I’ve been loving this week especially as my birthday is coming up soon and I’m being asked for gift ideas….

Teal / Wine
Green / Purple

……these are the beautiful Lana Orchid headbands from Crown and Glory. I already own the red one but I’m one of those girls who, if I find something I love, has to have it in every colour! I’ve also been hearing really good things about these books….

Chinelo / Gertie

…..I loved watching Chinelo on the Great British Sewing Bee, I found her technique fascinating and think it would be really fun to try. I also love the idea of Gertie’s mix’n’match approach with her third book, I did get a chance to flick through it whilst I was over on the mainland but decided not to get it for myself as I have soooooo many (150+) patterns that need to be sewn but if someone were to get it for me as a gift…….that wouldn’t be classed as adding to my pattern hoard…..right? This wish list wouldn’t be complete without me adding some fabric to the mix now would it? I seem to be on a total Michael Miller fan girl kick at the moment….the new spring prints are gorgeous…..I want need them…

Sapphire colourway
Coral colourway 

….. these are the from the Bed of Roses collection and they are stunning! Now you all know I love a border print so those were a given really but I love the coordinating prints my tiny little mind is working overtime coming up with combinations……ahhhh the fun I could have!

In parting I shall leave you with this shot of me fighting the constant battle I have between my love of full skirts and brisk breezy days….

…..thankfully no knicker flashage this time!

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