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How on earth is it Friday again? It’s been another very busy week which is great. Lot’s of things being made and I’ve completely rearranged the shop! It’s first layout didn’t really give me enough space to work whilst I was manning the shop so I’ve moved everything around and squeezed in a long table top which allows me cut out and iron projects. So far it’s working very well and I got this dress finished today…..

……it’s a UFO that’s been floating around for about a year! I love the fabric but I only bought 2.5 metres the first time around. Originally I made a different bodice which I ended up scrapping as I didn’t really like it. I knew I wanted the skirt to be 26″ long and that only allowed enough fabric left for a strappy bodice like the KB Grace dress. After leaving it hanging forlornly in my wardrobe for a year I finally ordered myself another 2.5 metres of the fabric and got busy…..I LOVE it now. Definitely worth the effort of unpicking and remaking. I think this dress is the 15th iteration of the Grace bodice…..and this is the 16th…..

 ….I bought this fabric from Goldhawk Road whilst I was up in London in February. It’s a cotton with a little bit of stretch and the most gorgeous sheen. I spotted it in the window of one of the shops and I knew I had to get some. My first plan was to make it in to a skirt but whilst I was cutting it out my Mum pointed out how fabulous it would look as a dress….

……I’m so glad she changed my mind. It’s a border print so it’s cut on the cross grain, because of the stretch I decided to cut out the lining on grain which has worked out really well I think. I used the same skirt design as the Bartowski Regatta dress but this time I used an odd number of pleats which I prefer. I like the fullness of gathered skirts especially when mixed with the slightly flatter look the box pleats give. Theres not much more to say about this pattern….I love it…..I have about ten more that need blogging. I know some people may not be interested in seeing the same pattern repeated multiple times but I love seeing what different fabrics people sew up their TNT patterns in. Is that just me?

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