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How are you all this week? I’ve had a very busy but rather lovely week. It was my birthday last Sunday (thirty seven how did THAT happen?), Papa and I cooked an amazing roastie beastie which was followed up by very yummy chocolate cake and fizz. Monday and Tuesday were spent filming and editing some YouTube clips which was a total pain and took way longer than it should have but so worth doing. The only reason it was a pain is that I was using Papa’s camera which is awesome but I have absolutely no knowledge of it’s workings so there was a steep learning curve involved! Wednesday I spent prepping sewing projects to take to the shop, yesterday actual sewing occurred (!) and today I finally started cutting out the fabric for the wearable muslin of the Sewaholic Robson Trench Coat! Phew! Construction of that will start tomorrow I’m hoping but first there are a few little projects that need finishing off…..I can do it!

Today I wanted to share the last of my March completed garments and I think I saved the best till last….

…..it’s another KB Grace dress but as I mentioned in my last look book vlog if you have a tried and true pattern that you love then I see nothing wrong with making many MANY versions of said TNT. This iteration is in a stunning pansy print which I’ve been hoarding for years now waiting for the perfect pattern to come along. First up I was thinking some kind of wrap dress, then I was considering the Butterick “Walk Away Dress” but I didn’t really have enough fabric for those so it sat on the shelf mocking me.

After working with a few border prints it occurred to me that I could also cut this fabric on the cross grain giving me a skirt width of at least two and half metres which is approaching the fullness I love. For my summer dresses I prefer the skirts to fall below the knee which means a skirt length of 27″ which only left me a 15″ width of fabric to cut the bodice out of so it really has to be some kind of strappy bodice and the Grace dress is perfect for that. I ended up with the tiniest scraps left over…not big enough for a bag lining even but there will some of this in the “All The Dresses I’ve Ever Made” quilt that I’m planning……..in the huge list of quilts I want to make……my brain really needs to stop coming up with new project ideas……at least for a little while!

One of the vlogs I uploaded this week is my May Fabric Haul and Sewing Plans and these are some (yes SOME) of the fabrics that will hopefully be turned in to beautiful things….

Dress for Me / Dress for Me / Dress for Mum
Dress for Mum / Romper for Me / Skirt for Mum
Dress for Mum / Cushions for Cousin / Skirt for Sister in Law

…..there are seventy two days in May right? This picture doesn’t even included the commissions I’m working on! It’ll be fine…..who really needs sleep?

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