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How is everyone today? I’ve had a very busy week and it’s only really just starting for me….since opening the shop I’ve been trying to balance my hours there with the hours at home I need to spend prepping projects so I have something to actually do whilst I’m at the shop. I’ve mentioned before… with all that balancing I seem to forget to have a day off but this week I remembered and gave myself Wednesday off which was lovely. Mum and I went in to town to do some shopping, have lunch, get poked with needles (that was Mum, not me) and go to the cinema. We saw Captain America: Civil War and I thought it was fab. So many good movies coming up this summer…..I can’t wait!

So today I thought I would share some of the newest release from my favourite brand Trashy Diva….

…..first up is the very newest print Ruffled Feathers, oh my it’s gorgeous. There are lots of styles to choose from but I particularly love the Lena Sarong which is a style I’ve not tried yet but I think this might have to be my first! Then there is the beautiful Crimson Clover, another firm favourite of mine. I have the Obi style I’ve shown here but again there are some lovely styles to pick from.
Next up we have the Deco Daffodils and Victory Florals.

…..and I’ve picked the Blanche style which is a super flattering wrap dress. Both of these prints are knit fabrics which means you can eat the largest of lunches and still feel comfortable…..always a plus in my book!

As you know I stock Trashy Diva in my shop, the beautiful prints and designs were part of the reason I started the shop in the first place. I always look forward to their new print releases and so far this year has lived up to expectations! Which is your favourite?

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  • You are truly an artist!! That being said, I have a question and maybe a future video idea with you and your mom, on patterns and material that your mom might like. She wears beautiful comfortable outfits. Let me tell you a bit about me. I’m 66. I live in Atlanta Georgia. I have gone back to sewing because of your videos. At my age it is very difficult to find comfortable, pretty, age appropriate clothing. I want to feel pretty and look nice. I have made two blouses now. The first a disaster!!! I am going to make. A vintage simplicity pattern. #2981. But I do not know what type of fabric will provide a nice flow for the 8 panels. Recommended fabric; laundered cotton. Laundered silks-rayons. Etc. I love how your dresses drape so nicely. Could you send recommendations. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your wonderful waffles!#! Love them!