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Happy Friday, how is everyone? I’ve had another hectic but fun week with more of the same….lots and lots of sewing. The beauty of sewing is that even though the actions are the same the end results are always very very different……. unless of course you are trying to make multiples that is.

This week I thought I’d share something a bit different with you. I am completely obsessed with Once Upon A Time (as any normal person should be), I love the concept, I love the twists they put on the fairy tale characters that you’ve grown up with and I absolutely ADORE the costumes. Sooooo much sparkly goodness…..*le swoon*. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that my favourite costumes belong to The Evil Queen (although I do covet Regina’s wardrobe nearly as much)….

…….the beautiful Lana Parrila could make anything look good but oh my does Eduardo Castro know what he is doing!

You may know that I class myself as a huge geek and I love going to conventions, I really enjoy the cosplayers and I’m always amazed by the effort and creativity that goes in to some of the costumes they’ve made.

 So far I haven’t been brave enough to attempt a cosplay myself but I’ve been wanting to make something hugely elaborate and over the top for a while. I have plans for a butterfly gown, and I’ve also been toying with the idea of an armoured peacock costume (I REALLY want to try Worbla and I have plans for a feathered corset…..) but after seeing the OUAT season 5 finale…..

 ….I’m thinking an Evil Queen gown or riding ensemble could possibly be in my future…..this would please my inner magpie greatly!

I already own the McCall’s costume patterns…

…..which will be a great starting point. Now I just have to narrow down which costume of the Evil Queens is my favourite and then start picking fabrics, jewels, feathers, trims………how will I cope!

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