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It’s finished….it’s finally FINISHED! I’m talking about Tatty’s quilt which is her 40th birthday present…her birthday is the 2nd February….this year….so I’m only five months late! This is the third quilt I’ve made and the second one I’ve finished….I’m currently averaging one a year….I’m happy with that. It’s the Rings That Bind pattern by Phillips Fibre Art and I love it. A Double Wedding Ring with only one template? Yes please.

I’ve had the idea for this quilt circulating in my brain for a really long time now and the only reason I hadn’t started before January this year (yes THIS YEAR in time for a 2nd of February deadline……much planning….so organise……WOW) is because I couldn’t find fabrics that I loved which also fitted with Tatty’s aesthetic. I like either 50’s florals or really modern florals whereas Tatty has a thing for 70’s florals.
Finally it occurred to me that as I was planning on adding a TON of floral embroidery the background fabrics could be plain!
These are Kona cotton solids in Dusty Blue, Thistle and Sea-foam which is the palette Tatty requested. I added in a batik fabric from Thousands of Bolts and Only One Nut  to give a little bit of interest and just because I thought it was pretty.
I’ve made this pattern before (as a birthday present for another favourite) so I knew (sort of) what I was doing. I decided on solid arcs this time around to really show off the decorative stitching and embroidery I wanted to add….
……which is the Bouquet of Floral Filigree from Embroidery Library. I had forty different designs to choose from but given the colour scheme I was given I tried to pick all the whites, pinks, purples and blues available with a little bit of yellow thrown in every now and then. 
The embroidery was definitely the most time consuming part of the process but also the most fun! I find the whole embroidery process fascinating….which is a good thing as some of these designs take nearly two hours to stitch out.
As ever Chiana was diligent in her fabric fluffing duties…which I only allow her to indulge in when it’s a present for someone who thinks the addition of grey fluff will add to the beauty of the finished object.
Once all twenty five blocks were embroidered I then had to add the outer arcs which give the quilt it’s traditional scalloped edged. I also trialled some quilting options out and this was the winner…
…I love the overall looks this gives the quilt even if it was a bugger to actually do……there are one hundred and twenty arcs on this thing! 
After getting all the outer arcs added and quilted I then had to decide on the final layout…
….this was like a giant jigsaw and took the entire front room floor and lots of head scratching but we finally got there. Once the layout was decided it was just a case of sewing the blocks together, quilting the arcs and repeat…..
….one hundred and twenty times! 
I decided to film each stage of this quilt so I could create a “Making Of….” video for my YouTube channel which will be up in the next couple of days. 
I’ve only got about eighty two time lapse clips to edit together……everything about this project turned out to be mammoth! 
Out of curiosity I also decided to time every process inlvoved so I could accurately answer the “How long did that take?” and the “How much would you charge for something like that?”. Now I know….
  1. 7492 minutes, which is …
  2. 125 hours, which is …
  3. 5.2 days!!!  
  4. Meaning the cost is approximately £2000 (I charge £15/hour plus materials) 

……WOW! I was so delusional when I started this project midway through January thinking I’d have it ready for Tattys’ birthday two weeks later! Now obviously this is a gift and not for sale but I did work on this at the shop and was frequently asked how much I’d be willing to sell it for……people mostly went green and slunk off as quickly as possible when I told them the current running total! I can completely understand that though.

Quilts are beautiful works of art that are super labour intensive which is why they are (mostly) made as gifts for loved ones. I enjoyed every nearly every minute of this  quilt and I can not wait for Tatty to see it in person.
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