Hey Peeps! Do any of you guys do this? Put things off until you are at your “perfect” weight?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently as there are loads of things I want to make but not until I look a certain way and that is frankly ridiculous.

I’m not, at the moment, able to put in as much effort to be getting to the weight I want to be and there is no way I can stop eating the “medicinal” chocolate so I need to be realistic.

I also need to realise that they are just clothes, even if I’m the one making them and if I do get to my goal weight in the future they can be given away and I can make new things.

This past winter I didn’t style myself the way I wanted because I didn’t have the things I wanted in my wardrobe, but I wasn’t going to make them until I was skinny again which is silly! What do you guys think?

Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a little extra if you click and make a purchase.


Green and Red Elastic : https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/548615254/green-red-striped-gucci-style-rubber?ga_search_query=elastic&ref=shop_items_search_5&pro=1&frs=1

Minerva Crafts Viscose Jersey : https://www.minervacrafts.com/shop/fabric/dress-fabrics/mf-100247-m-plain-viscose-lycra-stretch-jersey-knit-dress-fabric?colour=Baby%2BBlue


Wanted Tee : https://eshop.vanessapouzet.com/en/patterns/200-wanted.html

Hypercurve Jeans : https://www.next.co.uk/g52150s11#604454

Hortencia Cardigan : https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hortencia

Silver Scissors Necklace : Gifted to me by the designer : http://laurengracejewellery.com/product/silver-dressmakers-scissors-necklace/

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