Hey Peeps! The lovely Jay Jay (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skyhBijXmko) and Laura (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ0CalECEQU) came up with a bunch of questions …. here are all my answers!


Me, myself and I
1) How and when did you start sewing?
2) How much time do you spend sewing?
3) Who supports your sewing at home?
4) What’s your dream job?
5) What’s your spirit animal?
6) Planner or improvisor?
7) Do you have any pet ‘helpers’ ?
8) Worst habit (sewing or otherwise!)
9) When you aren’t sewing, what are you doing?
10) Where are you from?

Tools, Space and Equipment
11) Where do you sew?
12) What sewing machine do you own/use?
13) What’s your dream sewing machine?
14) How do you store your patterns?
15) How big is your stash?
16) What inspires you? (Location, family, work etc?)

Sewing practices and experiences
17) Proudest make/moment?
18) Most disastrous make/moment?
19) Biggest sewing hopes/challenges?
20) Woven or Knit?
21) Most used pattern?
22) What’s the one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could go back to when you first started sewing?
23) Roughly how many makes in a month?
24) Who do you sew for?
25) Who taught you to sew?

Sewing favourites
26) Where is your favourite place to buy fabric?
27) Favourite pattern company? (and if you could only sew their patterns forever?)
28) Most favourite and least favourite sewing task?
29) Printed or PDF?
30) Best tip/technique you’ve learned from YouTube
31) How has your style changed since you started sewing?
32) Favourite youtube sewing channels?

Quick fire round
33) Favourite fashion designer?
34) Heels or flats?
35) Ice lolly or Ice Creams?
36) Paris or New York?
37) Gym Bunny or Couch potato?
38) Current box-set?
39) Tea or Coffee?

And finally….

40) Tell us two truths and one lie?

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