Hey Peeps! I’m so happy with how this Eve turned out. It’s number 7 with the fluttery sleeves and number overall! There will be more #sorrynotsorry 🤣

SONG : It’s Coming Around Again – Kick Castle & Party On Our Own – Gero Lyn

Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a little extra if you click and make a purchase.


Haxby Skirt : https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/haxby-skirt-sewing-pattern/

Isla Dress : https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/isla-dress-sewing-pattern/

Tea Dress : https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/1940s-tea-dress-sewing-pattern/

Ultimate Trousers : https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/ultimate-trousers-sewing-pattern/

Specky Seamstress : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCga-9TTcrkFXhpv8-S8bViQ

Sew Over It Eve : https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/eve-dress-sewing-pattern/

Evelyn Blouse : https://www.tilthesungoesdown.com/product/+Evelyn+Blouse+nnn+Dress


M6734 : https://amzn.to/2VDKPPR

Silver Scissors Necklace : Gifted to me by the designer : http://laurengracejewellery.com/product/silver-dressmakers-scissors-necklace/

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