TRIGGER WARNING :: I talk about body image and mental health in this video, if this is something you find triggering please skip this video.

Hey Peeps! I’m still in two minds about posting this video. I really want to talk about how I feel about myself but I do not want to upset anyone else. Hopefully I’ve articulated my feelings and thoughts well. Body image is a very sensitive topic. Objectively I can see that my body would be considered a “desirable” (for want of a better word) shape but my self sabotaging brain has some very different thoughts on how I look. Again, I am just speaking about my personal thoughts and feelings about how I perceive myself. I hope it’s ok with you guys and maybe helps someone ๐Ÿ˜Š Please be kind and constructive in the comments, thank you. Just to say that the trousers aren’t too tight over the hips or too shallow in the crotch as it may appear in some of the footage. I am standing weirdly in most of it because I feel so uncomfortable which is doing funny things to the line of the trousers.

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