Hey Peeps! I’ve had a lovely afternoon sewing up the last few knit projects for this month. I’m so glad I had ordered that extra 40cms of the faux cable knit jersey as I LOVE how the infinity scarf looks over the jumper AND it’ll be great to wear with other things too. I’m also very pleased with how the sequins turned out and that I’ve finally done something with them!

AD : Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a little extra if you click and make a purchase.


McCalls 7537 Sew-Along : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCK1Yuek7Mo&list=PLghqITu6cu3gqlvTsQPoeyR3lcoEpPOqq

Boxy Hoody : https://www.studiocalicot.com/collections/sweaters/products/sw602

Astoria : https://sewprettyful.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/seamwork-astoria/

Sheridan Sweater : https://www.heyjunehandmade.com/product/sheridan-sweater/

Sequin Fabric : https://www.sherwoodsfabrics.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=lady+McElroy+ritzy

Faux Cable Knit Fabric : https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/dressmaking-fabric/cable-knit-jersey.html


McCalls 7537 : Can be found on eBay and Etsy

Silver Scissors Necklace : Gifted to me by the designer : http://laurengracejewellery.com/product/silver-dressmakers-scissors-necklace/

Silver Circle Necklace : https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/189619967/sterling-silver-circle-necklace?ref=user_profile&frs=1

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