Kittenish Behaviour Designs formed in 2010 by artisan, fashion inspired and self-taught sewist, Siân.  Since then, Siân has influenced a world-wide audience on her YouTube channel and through the Facebook Group for her followers, who are lovingly nicknamed the KB Peeps.

In 2010, Siân began the Kittenish Behaviour blog in order to take a deeper look at her enormous apparel collection and toppling tower of designer shoes.  Her disappointment in the construction, fit, and available options of high street fashion drove her desire to forge her own path in curating a personal wardrobe.  Vintage styles combined with modern prints and geeky inspiration made for one-of-a-kind products of which Siân was very proud.

As Kittenish Behaviour developed, Siân filmed her first YouTube videos in November 2011 with content from another one of her skills and passions – paper crafting.  In her early days, she balanced a career as a Bunny Girl in The Playboy Club London with personal sewing, until she was able to hang up her bunny ears and commit herself to the growth and operation of Kittenish Behaviour.  Finding her feet on the YouTube platform, and discovering inspiring sources, like Lisa Comfort and Angela Clayton, Siân decided to begin weekly vlogging in 2016 with a focus on sewing related content.

Siân opened up her very own brick and mortar shop in “The Tunnel” where she took custom commissions at the same time as building her own collection of garments and producing content for YouTube.  While the shop was allowing her to work with her talents and build her brand, she didn’t feel that custom commissions were the direction she desired for KB.

In 2017 Siân found that YouTube garnered more rewards and decided to dedicate a larger amount of her time to the spotlight.  She closed the shop in The Tunnel and posted her first Sew-A-Long – a McCalls 6696 which would soon become a staple pattern within her repertoire.  Siân became a talented vlogger and started posting structured and themed video collections like “Vlogmas” and “Me-Made May”.

In January 2018, Siân began vlogging daily, introducing “The Waffle” videos in which she shares her daily life, thoughts, plans, and projects with her growing fanbase.  Soon after, in Spring of 2018, Siân started to see a need for her audience to be able to connect with each other, share their own makes, and enjoy each other’s company, as well as giving her audience the opportunity to admit that the beautiful grey Feline Overlord, Chiana, lords over them all.   Siân responded to this need by creating the Kittenish Behaviour Peeps Facebook group which has grown hand in hand with her YouTube fanbase.

“The thing that I think I love the most are the Peeps!  I have been totally overwhelmed by the love and generosity in the Peeps Community.  I have a huge binder full of letters and cards, the comments and general awesomeness of the Peeps truly makes this whole thing special.” -Siân   

Kittenish Behaviour has found a path and settled into its purpose and direction.  With Siân at the helm (and with Chiana’s permission), vintage style with modern prints, as well as playful waffle will continue to inspire creators all over the world.