Kittenish Behaviour??? Where did that come from?

My very bestest friend nicknamed me Kitten many many MANY moons ago (we are talking like twenty years ago, so thats a lot of moons!). The reasons were……on one of our first meetings I ended up curling up and falling asleep with my head in her lap and the other reason was our shared love of Georgette Heyer regency romance novels the lead heroine in one of our favourites is called Kitten. When I started this little blog back in 2010 Kittenish Behaviour seemed like the logical choice as I was going to be writing about my life and the crazy things I got up to. When I decided to open up my shop it seemed totally natural to keep on using the name. The rest is (recent) history.

What sewing machine do you use?

I have a Bernina 830 sewing and embroidery machine, a Bernina 1150MDA overlocker and a Bernette Funlock B44 coverstitch.

How do you pronounce your name?

Siân is a Welsh name and it means Jane in English. It’s pronounced Shar-n.

QQ, FWF SGTC what do they all mean???

QQ = Quilting Queen aka Mum aka Jane

FWF = Fabric Washing Fairy aka Papa aka Danny

SGTC = Small Girl Type Creature aka Niece aka Rhian

BB1 = Big Bird aka Sister-In-Law aka Nia

BB2 = Baby Bother aka Brother aka James

LBTC = Large Boy Type Creature aka Nephew 1 aka Daniel

SBTC = Small Boy Type Creature aka Nephew 2 aka Ben

How old are you? When's your birthday?

I’m forty one years old and my birthday is the 1st of May.

How tall are you?

I’m 5ft8″ or 177cm tall.

What are you measurements and what pattern size do you use?

Currently (8th June 2020) my measurements are;

Bust : 38″ (Ready to Wear Bra Size 32E)

Waist : 27″

Hips : 42″

As to which size I take….. it varies from pattern company to pattern company, I always use the finished measurements and then judge the amount of ease I’d like in the garment I’m making. The finished measurements  can be found on the pattern tissues from the “Big 4” and usually the pattern envelope on “Indie” patterns.

Where did you get that fabulous fabric or pattern or thing that you are showing us?

Wherever possible I will always include a link to the fabulous thing I’m showing you. You can find the links in the description box of the video you’re watching or in the blog post you’re reading. If I haven’t listed a link it’s usually because the item is no longer available.

Do you use affiliate links?

Some of the links I use are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might earn a little extra if you click and make a purchase.

Why do you have a manager?

Because Charles is awesome! Seriously though Ziggurat XYZ are an amazing company who help me with all the things that I’m not very good at……for example talking to brands about sponsorships deals, graphic design, administration and so on and so forth. I’d be lost without them.

Which bias binding do you use?

I mainly buy and use this  and this .

Where do you get your tracing paper from?

I use tracing paper from Morplan. I use the 122cm wide paper and I buy it by the 300m roll. You can find it here. Whilst I get on ok with this tracing paper it can be hard to see through, there is something called Swedish Tracing Paper which is much easier to see though but it is much more expensive. I usually buy Swedish Tracing Paper from Amazon.

Do you still take on commissions?

Short answer; no. Slightly longer answer; sometimes. It very much depends on the type of commission, the time scale and budget. If you are after a custom made piece the lovely Andree has put together an amazing list of seamstresses for you.

Do you have a favourite fabric shop?

Errrrmmmmm yes! I have many favourite fabric shops! I made a video about them all which you can see here. I would like to add Fabric Styles and Sherwood Fabrics to the list.

How do I do {insert technique here}?

I am definitely no expert but I have put together a series of mini tutorials that walk you through some of the techniques you see me use in lots of my videos. This playlist is a great resource if you are looking for a specific technique but don’t want to watch an entire sew-a-long to try and find the one particular thing you are looking for. Tutorial Mini Series.

You waffle A LOT!! I'm just here for the sewing!

You’re not wrong, I do waffle, A LOT!

If you just want sewing related content the trick is to check out the thumbnails on my videos; pink thumbnail boxes = Waffle and blue thumbnail boxes = Sewing.

(Also the titles do tend to give it away 😉)


Kittenish Behaviour Designs formed in 2010 by artisan, fashion inspired and self-taught sewist, Siân.  Since then, Siân has influenced a world-wide audience on her YouTube channel and through the Facebook Group for her followers, who are lovingly nicknamed the KB Peeps.